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bandeau Hemp Eco System

Vision and strategy

Hemp Eco Systems has developed a technology that will reduce the CO2-emission to a maximum during the technological production process, the manufacturing of the material, the processing, transporting as well as the imbedding-process.

HES has named this process HES Blue-energy, which stands for a maximum reduction of the CO2 emission while retaining a maximum of respect for nature and the surrounding environment. HES Blue energy system was developed with a focus also on the quality of the indoor climate in places where people live, work and sleep. The quality of the indoor climate is one of the reasons why we have to turn to nature for raw materials. By using natural materials we can find solutions as how to meet our needs for healthy buildings while at the same time retaining a maximum of respect towards nature. One of these solutions is spelled recyclable resources, the kind that can give us what we want with minimal investments, will be easily recyclable and could be accessible to people in different climate zones on other continents. Thus the amount of resources used for producing the material could be kept to an absolute minimum, and the CO-emission during the process itself minimized.

In the medical field there is a lot of talk of respiratory problems, including asthma, affecting children all the more often. The explanation for this is supposedly that children during all their activities use just as much oxygen as adults do. In contrast, children’s body mass that is to absorb the foreign bodies they breathe in, is only a third of that of adults’.

Several layers of polluted air can be found almost everywhere. Right now we focus on the indoor climate of public buildings as well as private dwellings, thus concentrating on two crucial reasons for bad indoor climate in the buildings. Firstly, the lack of regular airing to get rid of polluted air could simply be put right only by opening the windows once or twice a day. Why people do not wish to air their premises might be the rising heating costs and thus they prefer to economize on heating. Secondly, also the more frequent use of chemicals, especially in fire-resistant products used for interior insulation and finish. These agents and products continuously spread chemicals into the air, which is then inhaled by both adults and children. To justify the use of this mass of chemicals (glue, protective agents, paints and materials containing fire-retardant products) artificial ventilation has been proved acceptable, despite medical experts regarding artificial ventilation as insufficient for fresh air to reach into the premises and toxic substances to be sucked out.

This is why HES Blue energy system is trying to make sure that materials containing chemicals are not used. On the other hand, when performing finishing work in private dwellings and public buildings one must see to that the basic environment is secured as opposed to the acid one (or slightly acid) found in places where chemicals have been used. This thesis is based scientific findings that all ecological systems flourish in a basic environment. The sea and nature itself are basic, and it is exactly in such a climate that we must have to be able to lead a good and healthy life. The opposite situation has been observed in big cities where the pH-level is very low.