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bandeau Hemp Eco System


Hemp hurds + natural lime + additive + water

A mixture of calcium hydrate and hemp shives makes up the so-called bio composite HES-mix. This material can be used equally well in modern constructions, as filling material and heat insulation of freestanding piled wooden houses. The material can be worked into walls and roofs insulation and also when flooring and doing thermal insulation work.

Thanks to the technique developed by HES (Hemp Eco Systems ), the material becomes very beneficial to use when renovating houses, attics, frontal insulation as well as thermal insulation of roofs.

The material is with its physical properties able to secure an outstanding indoor micro-climate, an excellent temperature stability as well as an anti-allergenic environment, one of the most important aspects.

The material can also absorb excess humidity, thus conserving the heat in the walls during big changes in the outdoor temperature and securing that the walls will keep room temperature even if the outdoor temperature changes significantly or during a longer period is let’s say -20°C or lower. The material also has an excellent sound-absorption ability.

HES has spent a lot of time and resources especially on improving the physical properties of the material as well as the imbedding technology for the material, resulting in the best mixture possible ready for use.

HES has come to the conclusion that the best way is to work with this material in solid blocks when it comes to walls as well as frontal, roof, attic and floor insulation. Through the development of an easy airing system, our work with bio composite has become a lot more efficient as well as quicker and less staff is needed.

The most efficient imbedding technique for bio composite, developed by HES does not require any complicated technical assembling, nor any transporting of ready products. The material will be produced directly on site inside the building construction, thus you will only need to get the necessary resources – regardless of whether it is a small garden shed or an industrial building. The best of it all is that while producing this material there will be no junctions, no potential thermal bridges or deformations that might lead to heat loss.

With the help of a simple airing system it is possible to construct walls as high as 4 metres and to imbed the material during one day. By each material-imbedding different methods are used depending on whether it is concerning walls, roofs or floors, so as to guarantee an efficient use of the material also during the construction work.

All these products contain calcium hydrate – slaked lime – as a binder. This contains a minimum of 75 % calcium. The natural mineral portion strengthens the calcium – HES +, that has been developed by HES itself. Calcium hydrate becomes hardier while absorbing CO2.

The simple fact is that all products contain calcium hydrate and that it is the CO2-addition that guarantees a basic environment on the premises, perfectly adjusted to public buildings and private dwellings.

HES has after performing several tests reached the conclusion that any material, e.g. an addition of concrete and render, very often harm the primary physical properties of the material, e.g. its density, breathability, ability to absorb and give off humidity, good ductility and fire-resistance as well as the material’s long durability and its specific weight. When the material has dried it has a very low specific weight.

The HES-system does not only contain HES -mix bio composite, wall blocks, ceilings, roofs and flooring. But it also includes exterior finish that corresponds to a surface finish, which is an excellent complement to the functions of the HES-mix bio composite, i.e. it guarantees an indoor micro-climate.