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bandeau Hemp Eco System


Sia Hemp Eco Systems Latvia is the representative of the Baltic States for the Swiss company Hemp Eco Systems SA. The founder and president of the Swiss company is Mr. Jorgen Hempel, who has more than twenty years of experience of renovating both historical buildings and constructing modern buildings. People have always been priority number one in his work and only then the rest, since the fact that something is good and profitable for the branch, does not necessarily mean that it is the best for people.

The materials technology (hemp shives + pure lime + water) that was developed by Hemp Eco Systems SA, has been very positively assessed by scientists all over the world. Specialists at Barcelona University researched this material at length, and came to the conclusion that a mixture of hemp shives and pure lime makes up a material, which thanks to its excellent physical properties is given good future prospects. Thus these specialists predict that this material in the near future will be widely applied within the building sector.